Vero Photonics is a company that specializes in providing our customers with solutions for fiber preparation both automated and manual, fusion splicing, and specialty or custom splicing solutions and services.  Vero Photonics is proud to be the exclusive manufacturers rep for 3sae Technologies in the Northeast and Mid Atlantic regions.  3SAE Technologies holds multiple patents and awards related to optical fiber preparation and fiber optic stripping.  3sae's products are vital components at many of the world’s leading photonics, aerospace, military research facilities, universities, municipalities and large fiber optic network providers.  Two key components of 3sae's portfolio include Burst Technology and the Ring of Fire,  both of which have yieilded never before seen results and repeatability without the use of harsh chemicals during fiber preparation and polyimide fiber stripping.

In addition to our strategic alliance with 3sae Technologies, Vero Photonics is also proud to offer the full line Jonard precision hand tools along with Fitel fusion spicers and accesories including the new Fitel S184 Ring of Fire 3-phase wide area plasma splicer
The following is a list of additional services provided in conjunction with 3SAE Technologies: