Jonard TSAB 40 - Adjustable Blade Thermal Stripper

The Jonard Thermal Strippers are compact, easy-to-use fiber stripping units designed to thermo-mechanically remove coatings from optical fibers. The heater is adjustable up to 200ºC; far hotter than any competing product. This feature facilitates stripping extremely difficult and baked-on coatings and in some cases can even remove fluoroacrylate undercoatings.

Our TSAB-40 Adjustable Thermal Stripper supports optical fibers with cladding diameters from 40µm to 1000µm, with buffer diameters up to 1200µm. This includes standard 250µm, 400µm, and 900µm coated fibers. Adjustable temperature and time settings allow it to adapt to stripping a variety of different acrylate coatings and cladding sizes.